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In an unprecendented rush of pre-xmas goodwill PublicBeta management today announced a special offer of FREE SHIPPING on all orders of the ‘Difficult Questions’ book and dogmawear bundle ordered before 7th January.

“Ideal for those who enjoy reading whilst wearing t-shirts, this beautiful special offer bundle will make the recipient profoundly happy in ways they had only previously only dared to dream might be possible.”

What are you waiting for?

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EDGE review

Many thanks to EDGE magazine for their kind words…

“…..For an industry too often focused on the hardcore, Difficult Questions About Videogames demonstrates that videogame culture is already a much broader church than most give it credit for. Of course, there’s still a long way to go, but with this book and its future plans for live events based around the concept, PublicBeta seems to be pushing all the right buttons….”

New issue out now.



PB at SD

We’re going to be at the Broadway Cinema in Nottingham on Thursday 25th November, for Screenplay SD : Game Cultures and Festivals.

Johannes Birringer will be presenting new research by Lizzie Haines and then chairing a lively discussion fuelled by a passon for a games and expensive European lagers. We’ll be there talking about the dqav experience and promoting the book with levels of vigour verging on the inappropriate.

It’s free (the show, not the book) and begins at 8.30pm.



Buy, buy, buy

We’re proud to announce the publication of Difficult Questions About Videogames today.

Available from all good stockists and from our very own, it forms the perfect gift for any reasonable person.

Stay tuned for announcements of further reviews and forthcoming publication news.



Hometown Praise

“..The editors recommend you keep it by the bog. I say, stick it by your console for use during lengthy loading times. Like a “good game” (whatever that means), it is simple, clever and will have you coming back for “just one more go".

- Nottingham Evening Post

Most currency traders were large multinational corporations, hedge funds or high-net-worth individuals because forex trading required a lot of capital.



Preview Reviews

“Public Beta has promised that this is simply a version 1 of an ongoing project. Add I hope that’s the case. I’m ready to buy version 2, just to see what other people have to say about the same topic. In fact, my only criticism at this point is one unavoidable with a project such as this—give me more!”

“it’s conversational… but in a different way. More like attending a well-planned party for game designers, researchers and journalists. And then surfing between clusters, overhearing snippets of dialog…. Making a book happen is no small thing. Making one that you keep coming back to (despite meetings and work and email and so on… it’s been hours and I’m still poking around in it… ) - well, that’s an accomplishment.”


Kind words from recipients of our first batch of preview copies….



First Live Event - Leicester

Next Thursday evening, James and Iain will be appearing at Phoenix Arts in Leicester to talk about ‘Difficult Questions About Videogames’. The event, supported by EMIN and Em-Media is the first of a series of live events surrounding the book publication.

Tickets are available from Phoenix Arts Direct on 0116 255 4854.




If you didn’t, sorry - but it’s too late now.

If you did, a sincere thank you.

We’ve had far more (brilliant) contributions than we were ever expecting, so much so that print budgets have had to be revised in order to accomodate extra pages of insight on the part of the writers. The obligatory promise of an impending announcement of livedates is one that I shall make again here. There you go.

In other news, we have become a rumor, which is always nice. If only this one were true…



seven days..

Presses have been booked, proofs are being proofed, covers are being finalised and there are just seven days left to get your ideas included.

Since we last spoke there’s been a nice interview from the Ombudsman and some interesting discussion about it at insert credit.

Dates for the autumn are nearly finalised. Honest.



…we’re getting very near the end..

There have been a lot of fantastic contributions so far to the project, a lot of fantastic contributions promised and forthcoming - and possibly a fantastic contribution in your head that you haven’t written down yet. If that’s the case, do so quickly - the submission deadline is rapidly approaching and initial drafts of the book have already begun. Frankly, it’s looking good. You owe it to yourself to be in it.

Many thanks to the Ombudsman, Guardian Unlimited, Buzzcut, Gamegirladvance, Kieron Gillen and Jamie Fristrom for their support.

I know we promised news of live events soon, and so there will be.
Just not right now.



Just Visiting?

Hello to visitors from ludology, avant gaming and ludonauts and many thanks for your support. Please do get involved by downloading the questions from the book area of the site and mail them back to us at dqav [at]

The project is now steaming ahead and the level of thought and passion in the answers we’ve been getting has been fantastic (and brilliant).


We’re going to be breaking some exciting live event news in the next few weeks - to make sure you’re kept completely up to date with all PublicBeta developments, sign up for our mailing list and receive details just as soon as they’re available.



Difficult Questions getting answered

Our launch publication “Difficult Questions About Videogames” is now well underway. We’ve been overwhelmed with the openness of the Developer community in engaging with these questions, this is shaping up to be a truly unique publication. Many, many thanks to all who have contributed so far.



PublicBeta Site Opens

Welcome to this embryonic PublicBeta presence. Here you’ll find details about the project, which at this stage most specifically that means the book . Very soon it’ll mean a lot more - announcing the dates for the first summer liveshows, and a series of events in the UK this Autumn.

This site is going to grow with the specific actions of this project, any community elements will be added as a result of the events and publications rather than through the site alone - great gaming community sites already exist and we recommend you join them.